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GulfRun Update.


It has been over 72 hours since the start of GulfRun; After a couple days of lost sleep, several missed meals and over 15 hours at Saudi Border* .. We have finally reached Bahrain. It been a long few days but in less than 10 hours we will be on the track .. and thats […]

Sometimes I think it is completely useless to own a sports car in Kuwait. The dealerships rip off you off for every drop of oil, spark plug and faulty light (but sir, your car will explode if you don’t change your brakes every month). Then you have the budding Schumachers of Kuwait; who are usually […]

Kuwait finally has a team in the Gumball 3000 .. Khaled Al-Mudhaf has gone and entered his yellow LP640 in the 2007 rally (complete with a Kuwaiti flag on the roof) as Team # 054.  There are also a couple of other Khaleeji cars; Two Saudis (TurboS and Chrome Gallardo) and an Emirati Team.  Best […]

I was at Marina Mall on Friday on the set of Al-Watan TVs’ intro sequence. They blocked off the road next to Marina between the traffic lights to record a car chase scene. The video will be used as a introduction commercial to be played on the new television channel. Al-Watan went all out to […]

I finally got the time to post my pictures of the ‘Ferrari Anniversary’ on my Flickr page. My camera ran out of battery and I started using a friends camera; I will be adding more shots when I get the memory card. Al-Zayani had a ‘Ferrari Day’ to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Ferrari worldwide […]

I just got back from Bahrain/GulfRun.. and the trip was a blast. The road to Bahrain was allright; I would rate it a 6/10.. they are working on a full two lane road which should be open by them time we do this again next year. The borders were semi-busy; we managed to get by […]

GulfRun is a yearly ‘rally’ that starts off in Kuwait with the cars going to Bahrain and back for the weekend (think mini-Gumball). The F1 circuit has been reserved for a friendly competition between the participating cars. I just finished getting my car ready for this years Gulfrun; although Aramex didn’t deliver my roll bar […]

Some pictures of the Kuwaiti Kripsy Kreme box and Limo (Couldn’t let Mark and Nibaq have all the fun)   (The Krispy Kreme Limo on 2nd Ring Rd.)   (People ignored the K. on the box and finished all the donuts.)  

Some pictures I took on friday: Hashi: Great food .. very small portions. You could probably order three items per person and still leave hungry. Chocolate Bar – Bida’a: We were hungry after Hashi .. much better than Marina, much more relaxed atmosphere (and easier to get to). Puzzle: I haven’t made a puzzle in […]

Compared to Michigan (or anywhere really); gas is very cheap(and 98 octane!): Old habits die hard, all I need now is Nadhim Ghazali, a Duw’a and my farwa: The never ending bridge(again): Wish you were here .. عودك رنان رنة عودك إلي Ùˆ عيدا كمان ضلك عيد يا علي أنتا الدقيق أنتا الزويق سمعنا

Guess who was back in the parking lot today, parked in the lines (with new tires).

I had to park in a different lot because of this guy … maybe he will learn next time. The lines are there for a reason.

Random Ramblings. I don’t have much time to post; and when I do the only thing I want to talk about is traffic (which is very cliché). So here I am sitting at work, taking a mental break (I swear I am working). Anyway, I have no idea where I am going with this… But […]



Some random shots that I took on the way there: Beware of the cops. Coffee is my copilot .. and #3 and Ipod and .. Going nowhere .. fast! Open Road. Welcome to Ohio! I am going to post the other pictures with a summary of the trip soon.

Road trip.


Going to West Virginia, Google Maps is estimating about 511 mi (about 10 hours 4 mins)… With gas hovering around the 3.50$(premuim) .. its going to be one expensive trip. Update: Just got to Toledo, OH .. 400 miles left to W. Virginia. Going to leave my car here and complete the trip in a […]

This was taken at Detroit Metro Airport, about 30 meters away from my car. Yup .. the wheels have been stolen and the car is balanced on a brick. My car on the other hand was untouched, wheels included.

Gas Redux.


I found some old pictures of the gas station, and I included a graph to make it seem like I have point. Gas prices have increased 243% .. I wish my salary was tied to the price of gas. My vodka offer still stands!

18 Kd to fill up my car .. It would cost ~6 Kd in Kuwait. I could fill up my car three times! Anyway… Going to Chicago @ 17mpg.