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This is a repost from last year. Chicken Nuggets rejoice .. here are some common Eid sayings and replies: Male: Saying: 3eedik Mubarak Reply: Ayamik Sa3eeda Saying: 3asak min 3awada Reply: 3asak min il 3aydeen wl fayzeen Saying: Kil 3am w’nta ib5air Reply: W’nta ib su7a oo salama Female: Saying: 3eedich Mubarak Reply: Ayamich Sa3eeda […]

Synopsis: Six childhood friends – Sultan (Yousef Najaim), Fahad (Hussein Yousef), Yousef (Bader Al-Shuiby), Ahmed (Abdulaziz Obeid), Mishal (Bader Al-Mohsen) & Saif (Zeid Obeid) – embark on the journey of a lifetime in search of the world’s strongest soccer ball, and the one place guaranteed to have it: SHARQ. A legendary wonderland among Arab youth, […]

Movie: Sharq.


This is the new trailer for ‘Sharq’: [ev type=”youtube” data=”rnwkRIqC1Kc”][/ev] From the director: “Sharq” (”EAST”), Directed by Erik Sandoval and Produced by Abdulaziz Alsharhan, “Sharq” is one of the first independent filmes produced in KUWAIT. Stay tuned for links to the trailer and still shots of the movie due to be released in the “Hala […]

طق يا مطر طق بيتنا يديد مرزمنا حديد listen I am usually a fan of sunny days and hot weather (a couple of winters in the Midwest does that to a person); but the weather in Kuwait has been very monotonous as of late. I have been cheerfully watching the gloomy sky for some days […]

    Yes, I know.. The title is quite gay, but it’s the first thing that came to mind and to be honest, I am experiencing writers block (deal with it). Johnny Lee once sang: I’ve spent a lifetime lookin’ for you. Single bars and good time lovers were never true. Playin’ the fools game […]

The first set of pictures I took while in Lebanon (Camera-phone): Old Lebanese house, loved the design. Cafematik .. Beirut Airport. Amazing car, now if I can only find one in Kuwait. The Danish embassy building, burnt everything but the actual embassy. My new obsession, Fairouz. Khalil Gibran and the Prophet .. the play. Nescafe […]

Mental limbo.


This post was brought on by a long discussion (actually, me ranting for an hour) with a close friend… And lately I have been coming to terms with my current situation in Kuwait (and society as a whole); and it has been very intriguing. This post in a way is written to myself from a […]