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A friend has commented that my blog has been negative as of late .. and I should dedicate a post to something other than technical-stuff, newspapers and cars. As my memory is quite limited lately (if its more than an hour .. its forgotten). I went through my older posts to remember what I used […]

Bazaar Website.


Bazaar has launched their new (was there an old one?) website: I personally would have take another direction with the creation of the website, here are some things I did not like: 1. Ditch the flash.. its way too annoying; takes ages to load a page (you have to wait for the animation). 2. […]

I finally got the ipod Nano today .. I feel about it the same way I did last year.. The finish is much better than the old nanos; this seems sturdier and not prone to scratches. And, My click wheel has a weird creaking noise, I have no idea what thats all about. I also […]

There is going to be a showcase for Optimus Designs next week: OPTIMUS Designs, Cordially invites you to its showcase with one of its lines, FunkyTURE, Furniture and lighting exhibition @ H20 (Headquarters and House of OPTIMUS) in Qadsiya, block 1, Bader Street, house 11, On Saturday the 16th of September 2006 at 6:00pm. The […]

Theme me: Monkey stays .. the rest goes.

This is my new theme … this will probably remain my theme for the next week (give or take a couple of modifications to the color). As always; the stuff in the banner means something (and no, I am not gay). (Blame Jacqui!)

The first set of pictures I took while in Lebanon (Camera-phone): Old Lebanese house, loved the design. Cafematik .. Beirut Airport. Amazing car, now if I can only find one in Kuwait. The Danish embassy building, burnt everything but the actual embassy. My new obsession, Fairouz. Khalil Gibran and the Prophet .. the play. Nescafe […]

Color me blind.


I finally got the css code to play nice, WP2 is not as simple as it used to be. So, opinions on new color scheme? I plan on changing it to something a little more colorful.

New theme 1.


This is my current theme, and i already hate it … way to dark for my tastes, need something er, cheerful. Any ideas?

Room Redo.


I haven’t changed anything in my room for the past 4 years; and even before that it was mostly the females in the house doing the interior designs (brother 1: peach walls | brother 2: yellow, with flowers). Right now my room is accumulation of random furniture that was collected over the years … from […]



Just got back. 1. Monitor works, pc works, keyboard .. dead. 2. Do weird people hang out in the airport … or does all of Kuwait dress like that? 3. Why is the internet so damn slow! 4. bleh .. too tired Good night people.

When I saw the advertisements for the nano .. I figure it was going to be tiny. When I saw the pictures online .. I knew it was going to be small. When I saw one in Nibaqs hand .. I knew it was going to be diminutive. I was chatting with mark today, and […]



1. I have changed the theme for now; I couldnt stand the old one. I hope to start a new one sometime next week. 2. I am going to start using Flickr and FlickRSS to add pictures. It would be much easier to add/resize pictures.

Pop Art.


I have been intrigued by pop art lately, mostly Warhol prints. I decided to get a set of the Daisy prints for my living room. My next step would be making some decent Sheikh Jaber prints and blowing them up. The ones I ordered: Kuwaiti pop art:



I am somewhat of an Obsessive-Compulsive… What it has to do with this post, probably nothing. Anyway, I want this.. they are a set of frames that come with a hanging guide, and you can use multiple sets to create amazing frame layouts. It’s like Lego! with pictures! I am easily amused when it comes […]