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Apple owners piss me off. They talk for hours upon hours about how their Mac’s are not susceptible to viruses, hackers, crashes and reruns of blossom. Then they think they are ultra-individualist and defying the rules of society itself, because they own a white laptop and use an African vacation for browsing the internet. Then, […]

  White is in.

Virgin Megastore continues to disappoint me with their business practices. First they started putting propaganda on all of their TVs. Then they forgot how to spell their own name. And finally, they stopped bringing in any semi-interesting music or books. From what is left of Virgin (that hasn’t been whored rented out to Mac, Sony, […]

I finally got the ipod Nano today .. I feel about it the same way I did last year.. The finish is much better than the old nanos; this seems sturdier and not prone to scratches. And, My click wheel has a weird creaking noise, I have no idea what thats all about. I also […]

Kuwait is cold.


While it might be hot outside, I am freezing. My server room:

I have been waiting for the Nokia N80 since its release/introduction back in November. I figured; 3megapixel camera, upnp, WLan, SIP … blah blah. Basically I figured it would be the perfect phone; So, I have finally taken it out of its box and switched all the data over onto it and so on. My […]

The first set of pictures I took while in Lebanon (Camera-phone): Old Lebanese house, loved the design. Cafematik .. Beirut Airport. Amazing car, now if I can only find one in Kuwait. The Danish embassy building, burnt everything but the actual embassy. My new obsession, Fairouz. Khalil Gibran and the Prophet .. the play. Nescafe […]

Stallion Tag.


Four jobs I’ve had: 1. Admin/Designer (Countless websites) 2. Technical Director (Company I helped launch) 3. Technician @ Network Operations Center (ISP) 4. Systems Engineer (Current job) Four Movies I can watch over and over: 1. Bye Bye London (Is that even a movie?) 2. Usual Suspects 3. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 4. Crash […]

I haven’t written that many ‘reviews’ so bear with me. If you expect the whole 4/5 stars thing… you came to the wrong place. Hardware: The 770 is a great size, it seems a bit bulky .. however, it’s small enough to fit it into your pocket. It’s also large enough that you don’t feel […]

Nov 7th Preordered from Nokia-Europe. Out of stock within hours. Nov 14th Preordered from Nokia-USA. Delayed (They didnt know when if or when it would ship; sometime in 2006). Dec 2nd Preordered from Compusa. Online stocks are backordered. They stop offering it online. Dec 5th Stores start recieving small shipments of Nokia 770s, they didnt […]

#3 is back.


The little one has come home from America: 1. I finally have my 770, (writing a post). 2. I stole his camera, expect more pictures. 3. He got a dvd player; before you think .. They just got a dvd player!? This is a HD Dvd player with a digital output (HDMI); better quality to […]

I hate linux.


Blah .. back to compiling.

Title speaks for itself.



I am finally on the last leg of my flight … five hours left to Kuwait. The euphoric haze brought on by the sleeping pills has passed (cafe-shokolade is german for Mocha) and I am feeling somewhat refreshed after my shower … Whomever is picking me up from KWI, Venti Mocha (skim/no whip/choc. pump), there […]

Boxes. If I have to put together one more box .. I will be at the brink of suicide. Clothes. If I have to fold, clean, dryclean, bleach, dry, wash one more shirt .. I will be at the brink of suicide. Furniture. If I have to move another 300 pound sofa, 50″ TV, 72″ […]

When I saw the advertisements for the nano .. I figure it was going to be tiny. When I saw the pictures online .. I knew it was going to be small. When I saw one in Nibaqs hand .. I knew it was going to be diminutive. I was chatting with mark today, and […]

I never did write about my camping rafting trip. Some highlights: 1. Met UzF on a paddle boat. 2. No electricity for 4 days (charged my camera/laptop/ipod/psp/phone/.. in the bathroom.) 3. No Cell Phone Service for 4 days 4. No Internet for 4 days. 5. Kuwaitis replace camp horror stories with stories about “jinn”. 6. […]

No sleep.


Electronics have ruined my life, I cant get a decent nights sleep anymore. Note to self:Put phone on silent and turn off alarm.

Ipod Update.


Apple got my dead Ipod .. and they replaced it! I am hoping they send it out today; should get here by monday at the earliest. 08/03/2005 Order Created 08/03/2005 Repair Requested 08/04/2005 Item Shipped 08/08/2005 Unit Received 08/09/2005 Replacement Ordered update: 08/10/2005 Order Created Send it already!

My ipod decided to die on me. I wouldnt usually get mad at electronics that decided to pass away; I put my things through hell. I just find it ironic that it decided to bite the dust a year after I purchased it. I have a week left on my warranty (talk about luck); so […]