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Here I was, Friday evening… tired and hungry. I open the day’s newspaper to check up on the dailies… then out from between the pages comes an advertisement for Shrimpy. Shrimpy, the local seafood brand that has permanently etched ‘Yalla Shrimpy’ into my head.

Some pictures of the Kuwaiti Kripsy Kreme box and Limo (Couldn’t let Mark and Nibaq have all the fun)   (The Krispy Kreme Limo on 2nd Ring Rd.)   (People ignored the K. on the box and finished all the donuts.)  



What more could a person ask for.

I have been getting death threats about not posting; so here is my Friday night review (which I wasn’t going to write). We decided to go to Ta’al for lunch on Friday; the new Indian Restaurant in Bida’a/Arjan. Reservations were made before breakfast (Big mistake); never (ever) make reservations for Indian food before you have […]

Maki is always full. You could request a table months in advance, it would be fully booked. You could ask for a reservation, a table, a seat at the bar, a small corner to crouch in… And they would all be reserved or taken. You could call a minute after noon (when they open); and […]

My cousins and I decided to try out the new restaurant(s) in Marina. The recently opened Yo Sushi, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Pizzeria Cucina and Morelli’s Gelato. They are located at the corner of Marina, next to Gamewiz (they renamed it). The place was somewhat small; it could probably only hold a hundred or so people […]

Some pictures I took on friday: Hashi: Great food .. very small portions. You could probably order three items per person and still leave hungry. Chocolate Bar – Bida’a: We were hungry after Hashi .. much better than Marina, much more relaxed atmosphere (and easier to get to). Puzzle: I haven’t made a puzzle in […]

As you all know, I have become somewhat of a health nut with dieting/excercise and all. Actually, you probably don’t know but lets pretend you know that I am for the sake of this post. Anyway, Mark posted his review earlier today; figured I would do the same as I also had a chance to […]

One more cup of coffee for the road One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go To the valley below. I go to Cafe Supreme (Bustan mall, opposite Sultan – Salmiya) at least five days a week.. The atmosphere is amazing, it has a very loungish feel to it, with the music and modern furniture […]

Random Ramblings. I don’t have much time to post; and when I do the only thing I want to talk about is traffic (which is very cliché). So here I am sitting at work, taking a mental break (I swear I am working). Anyway, I have no idea where I am going with this… But […]

We meet again.




Those damn spam people are getting smarter, they are sending spam and using my email address as the sender. I know that my computer is not hacked; and I dont have trojans running around sending random bits of information about me. They have just gotten really good at spoofing (faking) email addresses. AND they have […]

I decided to stay home today, rent sex and the city and make pasta. Well .. I didnt really decide to. I went to the supermarket and they had a packet of Buitoni: Portabello Mushroom & Cheese Tortelloni right next to the orange juice. I figured it was a sign from a higher being (Flying […]