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Good news for those who have spent long nights unlocking their iPhones (or been ripped off by some guy with a computer and credit card) only to find that they are unable to recieve calls on the MTC Zain. There were some compatibility issues between the iPhones and the celltowers (they work in certain areas). […]

Apple owners piss me off. They talk for hours upon hours about how their Mac’s are not susceptible to viruses, hackers, crashes and reruns of blossom. Then they think they are ultra-individualist and defying the rules of society itself, because they own a white laptop and use an African vacation for browsing the internet. Then, […]

Different ISPs have different strokes .. Since the marketing people are having a field day with the pricing stategy, I can’t make this into a simple chart. Qualitynet: Qualitynet is charging the same as their DSL service; their current rates are here. Prices (may) include the 7kd connection charge. KEMS: Here is the confusing one […]

Almost two years after my post about the rumors surrounding the availability of fiber-optics in Kuwait .. Qualitynet has announced that it now offers internet over fiber-optics to homes already wired up in South Surra & Fahed Al-Ahmed. We have had fiber-optics at work (Kuwait City) for the past year now and offers several benefits […]

I finally got my hands (literally) on an iPhone to see what all the fuss was about:  

  Black is also in.

  White is in.

For all the people that want access to their emails, but don’t want the blackberry; These are the settings I used to get Gmail on my E61i: Incoming mail settings: Username: (your username) Password: (your password) Incoming Mail Server: Access Point: (gprs access point or WLAN) Mailbox Name: (anything) Mailbox Type: POP3 Secuirty (ports): […]



MTC has finally launched the blackberry service in Kuwait (after Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE). Their AD-campaign was a bit unnecessary as those who know what blackberry is already want the service. And those who don’t know what it is probably don’t want it. BlackBerry as a service has two main features Push-Email and Enterprise-Server. […]

MOC has realized that we are running out of numbers and announced that it will be adding an extra digit. The change should become clearer within the following weeks; from what I have heard: Wataniya will add a 6 6123456 = 66123456 MTC will add a 9 9123456 = 99123456 Landlines will add a 2 […]

MTC No-Go.


Here we go again.. Wataniya took their data sim card; stuck it into a router (Option’s GlobeSurfer 3G HSDPA router), called it ‘new Wnet’ and introduced it as a a new service. Then they started charging 12kd extra a month.. Thats almost double the price .. for no increase in service. Well people; There is […]

For the past year I have been a ‘happy’ customer of FastTelco. I was subscribed to their 256kbps plan which they doubled to 512kbps. The download speed I was getting with the 512kbps connection was roughly 80kBps.

Internet companies in Kuwait are not on the same level in terms of the speed offered for the price you pay. 256k at one ISP is a different speed with another ISP. Therefore, I am compiling a graph of real speeds and cost in Kuwait. If you are subscribed to DSL in Kuwait, I would […]

This was posted by Jagu in the comments section; it sheds some light on the current situation: Following the planned outage to relocate the Jeddah terrestrial cable a fault developed in the submarine section at the Jeddah Branching Unit. Due to which traffic will remain in the current condition on the system until the time […]

In an interesting turn of events; websites are no longer blocked if you use Fasttelco. I guess they had to reroute some of their internet connections and forgot to turn on the filter.

The link between Fujairah and Jeddah is undergoing upgrades; hence the internet slow downs and disconnections. The link should be fully operational by 2pm (Kuwait Time). The majority of Gulf ISPs are connected to the Falcon Underdsea Cable (Flag Telecom); when they go do down .. we all go down. Falcon: A new submarine cable […]

I have been waiting for the Nokia N80 since its release/introduction back in November. I figured; 3megapixel camera, upnp, WLan, SIP … blah blah. Basically I figured it would be the perfect phone; So, I have finally taken it out of its box and switched all the data over onto it and so on. My […]

MTC has finally launched the Video Calling feature … Your phone will be on the 3G network, but the only difference is the Video Calling. To get the service: sms the letters ‘vc’ to 99999, It costs 1KD to sign up and all video calls for the month of april are free. And, you must […]

Dubai, review.


The city: I have seen enough pictures and heard enough people talking about how Dubai has changed in the past couple of years and become a futuristic city; therefore, if I walked out of the airport and sawing flying cars I wouldn’t have been in shock. There was something about the Dubai that reminded me […]