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I love coffee .. The false sense of energy in the morning coupled with the caffeine addiction makes the start of every day a great one. After a drowsy wakeup bashing my relentless alarm into the wall… I religiously show my affection to the gods of caffeine by starting off my day with a prayer […]

I enjoy both types of a good Will Smith movie, the ones where he is either the suave womanizer/action hero or the broke/depressed guy who rises above it all. You leave the film with an aura of feel-good nature, reminded how the world is a wonderful place with Will Smith. However, the latest depressed/hero guy […]

  Have you gotten your loved one a Shani today?

Letter to NBK.


Dear NBK, Firstly, I would like to thank you for canceling all of my NBK credit cards without prior notification or warning. This was especially amusing to the retail stores to which I attempted to use my credit cards. Regrettably, I was in Kuwait while my cards were canceled, if I were traveling it would […]

There are two things I tend to keep a distance from, drugs and politics… However, the latter tends to encompass our lives and requires us to intervene every few months when our local peacemakers are too busy fighting between themselves to run our country. Based on the recent ramblings in the Diwaniya’s of Kuwait… The […]

  I am beginning to freeze, still waiting for the first person of the season.

GulfRun Update.


It has been over 72 hours since the start of GulfRun; After a couple days of lost sleep, several missed meals and over 15 hours at Saudi Border* .. We have finally reached Bahrain. It been a long few days but in less than 10 hours we will be on the track .. and thats […]

This is a repost from last year. Chicken Nuggets rejoice .. here are some common Eid sayings and replies: Male: Saying: 3eedik Mubarak Reply: Ayamik Sa3eeda Saying: 3asak min 3awada Reply: 3asak min il 3aydeen wl fayzeen Saying: Kil 3am w’nta ib5air Reply: W’nta ib su7a oo salama Female: Saying: 3eedich Mubarak Reply: Ayamich Sa3eeda […]

Good news for those who have spent long nights unlocking their iPhones (or been ripped off by some guy with a computer and credit card) only to find that they are unable to recieve calls on the MTC Zain. There were some compatibility issues between the iPhones and the celltowers (they work in certain areas). […]

Sometimes I think it is completely useless to own a sports car in Kuwait. The dealerships rip off you off for every drop of oil, spark plug and faulty light (but sir, your car will explode if you don’t change your brakes every month). Then you have the budding Schumachers of Kuwait; who are usually […]

To the people sending me emails about the iPhone not working in Kuwait .. need I say more? Well .. maybe a little bit more: This iPhone is NOT for sale. The unlock was done using a TurboSim (by Zaid and myself). It is operating on the MTC Zain network. Edge works fine, albeit a […]

Wataniya Women?


How I read the commercial: Women Only from Wataniya Telecom Full Concierge service Er .. so.. yeah.. ok.

I was going to continue dedicating the rest of the week to posts about MTC Zain .. however the fun will have to stop here: the official logo, look & feel and press release has been leaked by Fastlink Zain in Jordan MTC Zain -Bahrain. Regarding the color scheme: The meaning of the new logo? […]

During lunch, me and my friends concluded that the colors for the Zain Logo are too ridiculous to be true and it actually seemed inverted (with the black/green). Here is the logo redone and inverted to display our ‘conspiracy theory’. Still looks a bit funny, as some have mentioned it seems more suited for shampoo […]

MTC Zain logo.


MTC Zain launched the teaser for their new website, and there was parts of the new logo with some messages in a flash movie. Some (ghetto) photoshopping and we now have an idea of what the logo ‘officially’ looks like .. and personally, I think it still looks like crap. They shifted around the swervy […]

Free Bashar.


Bashar Al-Sayegh was arrested and beaten yesterday by the Kuwaiti Secret Police for an anonymous comment on Bashar’s forum regarding the Amir (which was deleted). Jasim Al-Qames (Al-Jarida Journalist) was also arrested and beaten by the Kuwaiti Secret Police for taking picture; and was forced to sign a unread document. Jasim has been released; Bashar […]

MTC > Zain.


MTC is (finally) switching over to their new branding: Zain. After August 10th, all further advertisements/refrences are not allowed to carry the MTC logo or template. MTC has yet to release their new logo; so I recreated the one from Q’s post, hence the ghetto lines. From what I understood, the reason for re-branding is […]

Different ISPs have different strokes .. Since the marketing people are having a field day with the pricing stategy, I can’t make this into a simple chart. Qualitynet: Qualitynet is charging the same as their DSL service; their current rates are here. Prices (may) include the 7kd connection charge. KEMS: Here is the confusing one […]

I finally got my hands (literally) on an iPhone to see what all the fuss was about:  



ABNE & Co is proud to announce its first Redbull-flugtag flying endeavor, Team Imperial27, in remembrance of Imperial Airways’ first Kuwaiti in 1927. The team will be composed of lead pilot and magician Nibaq (pilot), accompanied by conspiring engineering extraordinaries Marzouq, Mark and K. Stay tuned for further information about Imperial27’s voyage into the waters […]