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Random Ramblings. I don’t have much time to post; and when I do the only thing I want to talk about is traffic (which is very cliché). So here I am sitting at work, taking a mental break (I swear I am working). Anyway, I have no idea where I am going with this… But […]

Boxes. If I have to put together one more box .. I will be at the brink of suicide. Clothes. If I have to fold, clean, dryclean, bleach, dry, wash one more shirt .. I will be at the brink of suicide. Furniture. If I have to move another 300 pound sofa, 50″ TV, 72″ […]



I am in the process of sending my stuff back to Kuwait. I thought that I didnt have that much stuff to send; a couple of books, my computer(s), recording equipment and some random things around my apartment. I completely forgot about my records… I moved into a smaller apartment a couple months back and […]



Some random shots that I took on the way there: Beware of the cops. Coffee is my copilot .. and #3 and Ipod and .. Going nowhere .. fast! Open Road. Welcome to Ohio! I am going to post the other pictures with a summary of the trip soon.



I just got back home… I havent used any form of modern communication in the past 5 days. Actually, I think I used a walkie Talkie. I am going to do a write-up with pictures after I get settled in; All my clothes smell like charcoal.

Road trip.


Going to West Virginia, Google Maps is estimating about 511 mi (about 10 hours 4 mins)… With gas hovering around the 3.50$(premuim) .. its going to be one expensive trip. Update: Just got to Toledo, OH .. 400 miles left to W. Virginia. Going to leave my car here and complete the trip in a […]