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I finally got my hands (literally) on an iPhone to see what all the fuss was about:  

  Black is also in.

  White is in.

For all the people that want access to their emails, but don’t want the blackberry; These are the settings I used to get Gmail on my E61i: Incoming mail settings: Username: (your username) Password: (your password) Incoming Mail Server: Access Point: (gprs access point or WLAN) Mailbox Name: (anything) Mailbox Type: POP3 Secuirty (ports): […]



MTC has finally launched the blackberry service in Kuwait (after Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE). Their AD-campaign was a bit unnecessary as those who know what blackberry is already want the service. And those who don’t know what it is probably don’t want it. BlackBerry as a service has two main features Push-Email and Enterprise-Server. […]

MTC No-Go.


Here we go again.. Wataniya took their data sim card; stuck it into a router (Option’s GlobeSurfer 3G HSDPA router), called it ‘new Wnet’ and introduced it as a a new service. Then they started charging 12kd extra a month.. Thats almost double the price .. for no increase in service. Well people; There is […]

MTC is insane.


Here is something we have heard before; Du chairman Osman Sultan has accused Kuwait of massaging its mobile subscriber statistics and said regional telcos “need a sanity check” in a panel discussion at the GSM conference in Dubai. Kuwait had been mentioned as a global oddity as a place where ARPU, or average revenue per […]

I have been waiting for the Nokia N80 since its release/introduction back in November. I figured; 3megapixel camera, upnp, WLan, SIP … blah blah. Basically I figured it would be the perfect phone; So, I have finally taken it out of its box and switched all the data over onto it and so on. My […]

My phone has been acting up lately and I haven’t been able to get the picture off it. Had to get a MMC reader and manually copy paste them over. Anyway .. my week: Salhiya parking reminds me of the launchpad from the Thunderbirds: New police cars that look like crap .. thankfully they are […]

MTC has finally launched the Video Calling feature … Your phone will be on the 3G network, but the only difference is the Video Calling. To get the service: sms the letters ‘vc’ to 99999, It costs 1KD to sign up and all video calls for the month of april are free. And, you must […]