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Field of Gold.


If YouTube is good for anything; its for having this song. Oud + Sting = Amazing. Enjoy. You’ll remember me when the west wind moves Upon the fields of barley You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky As we walk in fields of gold

Better Day.


Please, leave all overcoats, Canes and top hats with the doorman. From that moment, You’ll be out of place and underdressed.

Compared to Michigan (or anywhere really); gas is very cheap(and 98 octane!): Old habits die hard, all I need now is Nadhim Ghazali, a Duw’a and my farwa: The never ending bridge(again): Wish you were here .. عودك رنان رنة عودك إلي Ùˆ عيدا كمان ضلك عيد يا علي أنتا الدقيق أنتا الزويق سمعنا

I need needles.


Any idea where I can get some decent needles in Kuwait? might be looking to get a new mixer while I am at it. My records have been collecting dust for some time now; Felt the urge to make use of them once again.

When I saw the advertisements for the nano .. I figure it was going to be tiny. When I saw the pictures online .. I knew it was going to be small. When I saw one in Nibaqs hand .. I knew it was going to be diminutive. I was chatting with mark today, and […]

With arab/kuwaiti rap on the rise(And not necessarily in a good way), I thought I would take the time to talk about the Greatest Kuwaiti Rapper (Moby and Nibaq also agree), the self proclaimed greatest rapper in Asia, Mazeo aka Big Mo aka Modus Operandi aka Panama Jack and the Big Game poachers and … […]



I am in the process of sending my stuff back to Kuwait. I thought that I didnt have that much stuff to send; a couple of books, my computer(s), recording equipment and some random things around my apartment. I completely forgot about my records… I moved into a smaller apartment a couple months back and […]

This was posted in the forum: Date Thursday, September 15, 2005 Time 9pm to 3am Entry Fees Regular – Dhs 150 when purchased in advance (Dhs 175 if purchased on the door), VIP – Dhs 250 DJ Name Tiesto DJ Name Sander Kleinenberg For more info & tickets If only I was in Kuwait.



I am dedicating this song to that special someone in my life. هذا الحلو