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There are two things I tend to keep a distance from, drugs and politics… However, the latter tends to encompass our lives and requires us to intervene every few months when our local peacemakers are too busy fighting between themselves to run our country. Based on the recent ramblings in the Diwaniya’s of Kuwait… The […]

Free Bashar.


Bashar Al-Sayegh was arrested and beaten yesterday by the Kuwaiti Secret Police for an anonymous comment on Bashar’s forum regarding the Amir (which was deleted). Jasim Al-Qames (Al-Jarida Journalist) was also arrested and beaten by the Kuwaiti Secret Police for taking picture; and was forced to sign a unread document. Jasim has been released; Bashar […]

They said it could not be done. They said you are wasting your time. They said Kuwait will never change. They were wrong. Congratulations Kuwait. صارت خمس

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Sa7at Al-Safat just posted a video of Jabriya Candidate(District 10) Jamal Al-Omar buying votes. Link to Sa7at Al-Safat Link to YouTube Download WMV Video You know what they say .. What goes around comes around.

I thought it was the same person when I first saw this. My cousin then mentioned; good cop/bad cop and it just went downhill from there.

Too tired to post .. enjoy the pictures. Pictures:

5 for Kuwait.


No matter what you did No matter who you are You can always change Become a better version of yourself

I can not access any of the blogspot sites directly; only through a proxy. Is anybody else having this issue? A part of me suspects that they are thinking of blocking the blogs due to the political tension in Kuwait.