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conspectus K.


The following are a couple posts that I never got around to writing completely; view this post as the incomplete compilation of a dead rap artist. K on The Avenues. I finally had a chance to visit ‘The Avenues’ today. My thoughts were echoed in countless other blogs/conversations about the mall. Its huge, the stores […]

Another random (and somewhat useless) post involving pictures from my Nokia N80 (read:crap). Enjoy the mirabile visu sites of kuwait .. in color no less. The bridge is over, the bridge is over: They have finally completed construction on the bridge between the 4th ring road and Fahaheel Expressway.. You can scour my old posts […]

Oompa Loompa.


Oompa Loompa doompadee doo I’ve got another puzzle for you Oompa Loompa doompadah dee If you are wise you’ll listen to me

I haven’t posted in ages .. and I wouldn’t say that I am back, because I never really left. Anyway, chalk the absence to the usual .. work,friends,work,friends. A couple of people have threatened to shoot me If I didn’t post, apparently my blog is the only thing keeping them from suicide (Yes, you!). Eh, […]

This is my new theme … this will probably remain my theme for the next week (give or take a couple of modifications to the color). As always; the stuff in the banner means something (and no, I am not gay). (Blame Jacqui!)



Today was honestly one of the most exuberant (is funnest a word?) days I have experienced since coming back to Kuwait. Now, I am not the type of person that comes back and starts talking about how much I hate Kuwait and I want to return to America. I do not think I could go […]

Guess who was back in the parking lot today, parked in the lines (with new tires).

Random Ramblings. I don’t have much time to post; and when I do the only thing I want to talk about is traffic (which is very cliché). So here I am sitting at work, taking a mental break (I swear I am working). Anyway, I have no idea where I am going with this… But […]

1. Why do the women in MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education) look better as you go up the floors. 2. I hate the person that came up with the idea of blasting the sound on the commercials in the ramadan shows. 3. The 16-5 meeting was very organized and was a more relaxed atmosphere than […]



I am finally on the last leg of my flight … five hours left to Kuwait. The euphoric haze brought on by the sleeping pills has passed (cafe-shokolade is german for Mocha) and I am feeling somewhat refreshed after my shower … Whomever is picking me up from KWI, Venti Mocha (skim/no whip/choc. pump), there […]

Frankfurt .


Add this airport to the list of things that I hate. The airport doesnt offer anything decent to do, the lounge is always full and there is nothing decent to eat AND my stopovers are always 5+ hours. I took a sleeping pill and couldnt/didnt sleep, its a weird but interesting feeling. Anyway, I am […]

No sleep.


Electronics have ruined my life, I cant get a decent nights sleep anymore. Note to self:Put phone on silent and turn off alarm.

I Beat Mark 2.


Muwahaha. The Russian Maze Walkthrough: right down down up up down right down left left left left up right down left down right right right right right Back to the Kitten Canon Game.

I Beat Mark.


Kitten Canon Update:I just realized that Patrick and Q have also beaten Mark .. and myself for that matter. I will now dedicate the rest of my night to beating the both of them. Update 2: I have come to the conclusion that Patrick and Q are either superhuman or are cheating. Three hours and […]

Ticket Scale.


You know those tickets you get when you win games. The ones you spend 100$ on games and collect 40000 tickets, then you walk out with an ashtray and think you got your moneys worth.. Anyway, they use scales to calculate how many tickets you have collected. And I think thats a damn good use […]



Finished everything on my todo list .. except change my theme. I graduated, finished #3’s papers and went to DC. Anyway, posting from my cellphone is quite annoying.

To do.


Update: I need to do the following: 1. Change my theme(I don’t like it anymore.) 2. Sync my Ipod(I got it back today!) 3. Pick up my car(Service/Warranty?) 4. Finish school(This should be at the top of my list.) 5. Complete #3s documents (Freshman .. too much paperwork.) 6. Go to DC. (Why? .. Why […]

Damn Tigers.


Its 7.25am, and I am still awake. Anyway, I found this quite funny: Top Sri Lanka minister shot dead, Tigers blamed And the first thing to came to mind was .. How the hell did a tiger shoot the minister? I know its not a tiger .. but its damn close. AND! I know who […]

I realized that it would be cheaper to fuel my car with Russian vodka. It is dirt cheap at my local supermarket and rivals the price of water. I will be willing to ship a crate to anybody that wants to send me gas.

My ipod decided to die on me. I wouldnt usually get mad at electronics that decided to pass away; I put my things through hell. I just find it ironic that it decided to bite the dust a year after I purchased it. I have a week left on my warranty (talk about luck); so […]