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What the hell is up with the weather? And for some reason, this song is stuck in my head: Sunrise Sunrise Looks like morning in your eyes But the clock’s held 9:15 for hours update (this is from roughly a year ago): Nibaq and his views on the Desert Fubuki ™:

Dream on.


I just dreamt that the moon was falling onto the earth, and about halfway done .. it stopped to load. Yes, the moon started loading before hitting the earth. The loading that happens when you are waiting for a youtube video or flash website. The moon stopped halfway through crashing and showed me a hourglass […]

Half my brain is not operating at the moment, and no… It’s not because I had some crazy New Year’s party (I spent mine waiting for my car at Marina Crescent-Valet, bastards took 50+ minutes to get it). I could be feeling this way because of the lack of sleep; in at 5am, out at […]