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The following are a couple posts that I never got around to writing completely; view this post as the incomplete compilation of a dead rap artist. K on The Avenues. I finally had a chance to visit ‘The Avenues’ today. My thoughts were echoed in countless other blogs/conversations about the mall. Its huge, the stores […]

I receieved an email from the Student-Talk staff; I guess their might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I didn’t realize how good of a magazine Bazaar is until I picked up a copy of Student-Talk. I picked up a copy of the magazine (and discussed their incapability to tell jokes, or write), and of the 72 pages, 38 are commercials (which are actually more entertaining than the magazine itself). Then you have […]

Here I was, Friday evening… tired and hungry. I open the day’s newspaper to check up on the dailies… then out from between the pages comes an advertisement for Shrimpy. Shrimpy, the local seafood brand that has permanently etched ‘Yalla Shrimpy’ into my head.

I have an issue with Kuwaiti ISPs dictating their own numbers for their DSL accounts. I had an issue a couple weeks ago with the FT customer care because their actual speed is much lower than advertised.

For the past year I have been a ‘happy’ customer of FastTelco. I was subscribed to their 256kbps plan which they doubled to 512kbps. The download speed I was getting with the 512kbps connection was roughly 80kBps.

I finally got the ipod Nano today .. I feel about it the same way I did last year.. The finish is much better than the old nanos; this seems sturdier and not prone to scratches. And, My click wheel has a weird creaking noise, I have no idea what thats all about. I also […]

Example 1: FedEx Delivery date 9/21/2006 11:55 AM Ushopweship Shipping Date: 9/26/2006 12:00:00 AM Which means I will not see the package until Saturday (9/30/2006); because everything will be closed on Thursday and Friday. 9 days for my package to get to Kuwait; its times like this I should have gone with Aramex.

The good: Their website works. The customer service is decent. The rest: Their delivery sucks. I went online and picked the product (could have used a bit more info), then paid for it. The next day they called to confirm my order and sent it out. The delivery guy came, gave me the item, and […]

I have been getting death threats about not posting; so here is my Friday night review (which I wasn’t going to write). We decided to go to Ta’al for lunch on Friday; the new Indian Restaurant in Bida’a/Arjan. Reservations were made before breakfast (Big mistake); never (ever) make reservations for Indian food before you have […]

My cousins and I decided to try out the new restaurant(s) in Marina. The recently opened Yo Sushi, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Pizzeria Cucina and Morelli’s Gelato. They are located at the corner of Marina, next to Gamewiz (they renamed it). The place was somewhat small; it could probably only hold a hundred or so people […]

As you all know, I have become somewhat of a health nut with dieting/excercise and all. Actually, you probably don’t know but lets pretend you know that I am for the sake of this post. Anyway, Mark posted his review earlier today; figured I would do the same as I also had a chance to […]

I have been waiting for the Nokia N80 since its release/introduction back in November. I figured; 3megapixel camera, upnp, WLan, SIP … blah blah. Basically I figured it would be the perfect phone; So, I have finally taken it out of its box and switched all the data over onto it and so on. My […]