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I love coffee .. The false sense of energy in the morning coupled with the caffeine addiction makes the start of every day a great one. After a drowsy wakeup bashing my relentless alarm into the wall… I religiously show my affection to the gods of caffeine by starting off my day with a prayer […]

I enjoy both types of a good Will Smith movie, the ones where he is either the suave womanizer/action hero or the broke/depressed guy who rises above it all. You leave the film with an aura of feel-good nature, reminded how the world is a wonderful place with Will Smith. However, the latest depressed/hero guy […]

Weekday mixup.


Is it just me or does today feels like a Thursday? I am contemplating missing work tomorrow in the interest of fixing my mental schedule; Either that or I need to find a constant from two days in the future.

Those days.


Its just one of those days, weeks, months.

B’s Post.


  Nibaq has an interesting post about a post by 2:48am about an interesting post about a post by Z District about an interesting post about a post by me, which he found really funny called Kuwait Blogs 101. Check it out. [Link]

1. The Language-Challenged Blogger: This is the category of bloggers who have trouble differentiating between languages, e.g. “I got into a car accident oo Ri7t ma5far Shamiya ilyom.” Writing a word or a sentence to refer to a specific person, place or thing in Arablish is fine, but writing the whole post – think several […]

A friend has commented that my blog has been negative as of late .. and I should dedicate a post to something other than technical-stuff, newspapers and cars. As my memory is quite limited lately (if its more than an hour .. its forgotten). I went through my older posts to remember what I used […]

As some of you know, Mona Al-Fuzai has written a ridiculous article discussing what not to do in Kuwait (and the prevalence of rape by taxi drivers and bosses). I chose not to directly bring up the issue on my blog as Mark had posted about it here. The Kuwait Times has decided to pull […]

The MOI has finally caught up with the business masterminds behind Vergen-Kuwait. Some of the reasons listed; distribution and publishing of illegal materials and the renting of store location without licensing, among other cryptic rules. I am not the biggest fan of Vergen-Megastore; due to their extreme price gouging, inability to spell and the ever […]

conspectus K.


The following are a couple posts that I never got around to writing completely; view this post as the incomplete compilation of a dead rap artist. K on The Avenues. I finally had a chance to visit ‘The Avenues’ today. My thoughts were echoed in countless other blogs/conversations about the mall. Its huge, the stores […]

My day.


This made my day; “She put lipstick on her forehead because she wanted to makeup her mind.”

Editors note.


I dedicate this (empty) post to the following: The year of 2006. Peace. Purg. Free Cheesecake. Kwanzaa. Thank you, -K.

*This post is much longer than I would prefer it to be; after this one we will return to the normal stuff, shrimpy, coffee and the sights and sounds of Sabahiya.* So, what does Dima Al-Damen have to say about the Student-Talk Plagiarism?

Student-Talk’s founder has responded on the Student-Talk plagiarism post.   This is Zeina M, the person who started Studentalk and the publishing house behind it. I want to personally thank you for taking so much time and putting so much effort into researching Studentalk. I never thought any of our readers would go to such […]

Twenty Three.


21: When are you going to graduate. 22: When are you going to get a job. 23: ? What is in the year to come, I am not sure.. As for what has been accomplished in the past year, again, I am not sure. Lost a few things here and there; gained some back. I […]

One year later.


Today it dawned on me that I have been back in Kuwait for exactly one year. It has been 365 days since I left the States (and 1/4 of my life) and returned to Kuwait. The things I miss the most: 1. Checking my mail (even bills!) 2. Magazine subscriptions (cheap/on time) 3. Personalized License […]

I want to wake up to a cold and rainy morning. I want to put on a jacket. I want to drive to a coffee shop. I want to order coffee. I want to sit by the window. I want to have a book (or laptop). The chances of Salmiya turning into East Grand River […]

K and the MOI.


Look at the bright side; at least they are work..

life is good.


It has dawned on me, during my mid-afternoon espresso break, that life is good. The picture was taken at Kuwait Towers; going to post the normal shots of my visit when I run out of stuff to post. While writing this post, the filipino waiters took over the cd player, the boss just left, now […]

I’ve just reached a place Where the willow don’t bend. There’s not much more to be said It’s the top of the end. I’m going, I’m going, I’m gone. It ends here, Thank you.