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To the people sending me emails about the iPhone not working in Kuwait .. need I say more? Well .. maybe a little bit more: This iPhone is NOT for sale. The unlock was done using a TurboSim (by Zaid and myself). It is operating on the MTC Zain network. Edge works fine, albeit a […]

Wataniya Women?


How I read the commercial: Women Only from Wataniya Telecom Full Concierge service Er .. so.. yeah.. ok.

I was going to continue dedicating the rest of the week to posts about MTC Zain .. however the fun will have to stop here: the official logo, look & feel and press release has been leaked by Fastlink Zain in Jordan MTC Zain -Bahrain. Regarding the color scheme: The meaning of the new logo? […]

During lunch, me and my friends concluded that the colors for the Zain Logo are too ridiculous to be true and it actually seemed inverted (with the black/green). Here is the logo redone and inverted to display our ‘conspiracy theory’. Still looks a bit funny, as some have mentioned it seems more suited for shampoo […]

MTC Zain logo.


MTC Zain launched the teaser for their new website, and there was parts of the new logo with some messages in a flash movie. Some (ghetto) photoshopping and we now have an idea of what the logo ‘officially’ looks like .. and personally, I think it still looks like crap. They shifted around the swervy […]

MTC > Zain.


MTC is (finally) switching over to their new branding: Zain. After August 10th, all further advertisements/refrences are not allowed to carry the MTC logo or template. MTC has yet to release their new logo; so I recreated the one from Q’s post, hence the ghetto lines. From what I understood, the reason for re-branding is […]

Almost two years after my post about the rumors surrounding the availability of fiber-optics in Kuwait .. Qualitynet has announced that it now offers internet over fiber-optics to homes already wired up in South Surra & Fahed Al-Ahmed. We have had fiber-optics at work (Kuwait City) for the past year now and offers several benefits […]

No new numbers?


MOC announced (in various newspapers nonetheless) that they would be adding another digit to all numbers beginning June 1st. Its a week after the supposed changeover; and yet the numbers have stayed the same. Did the MOC decide that the number change was not advertised well enough to go through with it? Or did they […]

MTC is insane.


Here is something we have heard before; Du chairman Osman Sultan has accused Kuwait of massaging its mobile subscriber statistics and said regional telcos “need a sanity check” in a panel discussion at the GSM conference in Dubai. Kuwait had been mentioned as a global oddity as a place where ARPU, or average revenue per […]

This was posted by Jagu in the comments section; it sheds some light on the current situation: Following the planned outage to relocate the Jeddah terrestrial cable a fault developed in the submarine section at the Jeddah Branching Unit. Due to which traffic will remain in the current condition on the system until the time […]

The link between Fujairah and Jeddah is undergoing upgrades; hence the internet slow downs and disconnections. The link should be fully operational by 2pm (Kuwait Time). The majority of Gulf ISPs are connected to the Falcon Underdsea Cable (Flag Telecom); when they go do down .. we all go down. Falcon: A new submarine cable […]

I have been waiting for the Nokia N80 since its release/introduction back in November. I figured; 3megapixel camera, upnp, WLan, SIP … blah blah. Basically I figured it would be the perfect phone; So, I have finally taken it out of its box and switched all the data over onto it and so on. My […]

MTC has finally launched the Video Calling feature … Your phone will be on the 3G network, but the only difference is the Video Calling. To get the service: sms the letters ‘vc’ to 99999, It costs 1KD to sign up and all video calls for the month of april are free. And, you must […]