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    I am not a man of few words .. but episode 7 (season 2) of heroes has left me speechless. Excuse me while I watch it again.

Once again .. the fall season is upon us. This is roughly the same list as last year; in addition to Heroes, 30 Rock, Dexter and Ugly Betty. We also say farewell to The O.C. and The Sopranos as they have officially finished off their (long) runs. I am also following up on Jericho, LOST, […]

I was at Marina Mall on Friday on the set of Al-Watan TVs’ intro sequence. They blocked off the road next to Marina between the traffic lights to record a car chase scene. The video will be used as a introduction commercial to be played on the new television channel. Al-Watan went all out to […]

I was having a hard time following tv shows since I didn’t know what was available and what channel it was on .. all is fixed now, here is a excel file of Ramadan TV shows and times, Thanks S. ramadan2006.xls

The following are new TV shows for the fall semester; going to download a couple of episodes and see if they are any good. Standoff: (Fox, premieres September 5) Matt Flaherty and Emily Lehman are top-ranked crisis negotiators in the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit who are trained to talk their way through volatile situations. They […]

With the Fall schedule around the corner, the tv shows are finally coming back.. The following are shows I will be watching (downloading) this season: Prison Break (Fox, second season premieres August 21) How I Met Your Mother (CBS, second season premieres September 18) What About Brian (ABC, second season premieres October 9) Weeds (Showtime, […]

I was at the airport this morning to bid farewall to a family member .. but you probably don’t care about that. Anyway .. I was at starbucks, talking to family; then I see a bunch of people running out of the departure gates with large bags and tons of Camera Equipment. I realized it […]