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I woke up this morning to a sms message: “Bahrain. Next Weekend.” I figured .. a trip this close to the Eid holiday is probably not the smartest thing to do. As always .. the smartest choice is not the one that usually prevails. So off I go to Jazeera Airways to purchase a 5kd […]

I am joining the Kuwaitism Revolution. As of today, I am not working .. karban. I have not quit, just taking a break from work (without them knowing). I hope my boss doesn’t read my blog.

Decided I haven’t been doing enough travelling (Beirut was my only trip since returning) and that I wasn’t really doing much in the business arena. Two birds with one stone … spontaneous trip and business meeting with a tech company on Thursday. They just called … boarding!

Just got to Beirut (or Beyrouth), internet works and the weather is great. Off to see the City!

Lebanon, still.


Still in Lebanon. Still in the Mountains. Still the same crappy internet. 🙂 However .. great slopes, going for another couple of runs today .. then off the Beirut. This picture took 10 minutes to upload.



I am probably not going to post for the next couple of days; I am somewhere in the mountains of Lebanon and the internet connection is terrible. However, I am (and will be) taking tons of pictures .. and those will be uploaded when I find a decent connection (Kuwait). Have fun and enjoy the […]